Celebrity Elves in July; Bradley Wiggins

As far as my challenge to post up a celebrity elf each day in July is concerned….I’ve failed! But this elf is a true winner. The first British cyclist to win the Tour de France, Mr Bradley Wiggins. He may not have been a celebrity at the start of July but he sure is now.




Celebrity Elves in July; The Magnificent Seven

Well, I am way behind in this challenge. 7 days in fact. So whadda you get? The Magnificent Seven…Elfed! Yes I know some of these are a little dubious and Tall Man has been very critical. Yul Brynner makes for a gorgeous elf and it was a pleasure to scrutinise the many images of him on the internet. The others, although very handsome men, were pants to elf up! Poor old Brad Dexter hardly gets a look in, but then he’s always the one you forget when asked to name the Magnificent Seven. Now that I know them so intimately I pray that question comes up in a pub quiz. Can you name them all without turning to Google?

My favourite character though is the manic Calvera played by Eli Wallach.  Whether he would make a good elf is debatable, but what are the Magnificent Seven without him?

Celebrity Elves in July; The Proclaimers

Celebrity Elves in July numbers 10 and 11 are twin brothers Craig and Charlie Reid. Together they are The Proclaimers. I absolutely love their music and can’t understand why they aren’t more famous. Although having said that I’ve yet to have luck getting tickets to their gigs when they’ve hit Newcastle.

I believe I have drawn Charlie on the left and Craig on the right. And I’ve caught a better likeness of Craig. Or maybe I’ve drawn Frankie Boyle twice. You decide.

I would like to thank Craig at The Artshed for this suggestion. He creates amazing art…….from a shed. I think shed- working  sounds so romantic but perhaps he would beg to differ. Anyway pop over and say hello.

Celebrity Elves in July; Elvis Presley

What can I say? It’s the King of Elves. I didn’t appreciate just what a beautiful young man Elvis was until I came to scrutinise the many images that appear on the internet. As he gazes out under dark lashes with an ever so slight sneer from full lips he manages to combine boyish charm and sexual competence. No wonder mothers wanted to protect their innocent young daughters from him.

I would like to thank Hansi, my most favourite American male, for the suggestion to elf up The King of Rock n’ Roll. Hansi is a ranting mad man…… who draws. Pop over and say hello at Hansi’s Hallucinations. You’ll have lots of fun.



There are a lot of Celebrity Elves yet to get through. Suggestions are welcome so please leave a comment. If I elf up your celebrity choice I’ll link back to your blog.

Celebrity Elves in July; Lemmy

Here is Celebrity Elf number 8; Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister. Until today I knew very little about Lemmy, but after a butchers at Wikipedia I know reliably little more. He’s actually christened Ian, which isn’t as Rock n’ Roll as Lemmy, he’s “bedded” in excess of 1,000 women and drinks a bottle of Jack Daniel’s every day! He can now add to his achievements “I was elfed by Ziggy Shortcrust.”

Thank you so much to Rosie for the suggestion to elf up Lemmy. If you haven’t visited her at Scribblah yet then do so.  She is an incredible artist who posts up wonderful images from sketches to etchings. (amusingly, parental guidance warnings accompanying some of them). Pop over and say I sent you.