Illustrated Letters

Do you receive letters anymore? And I don’t mean bills and junk mail. I am referring to the handwritten letter from family and friends, lovingly composed, slipped into an envelope and popped into a post box. No, I don’t suppose you do, and I expect you rarely put pen to paper yourself. It’s too easy to communicate via email and text. The hand written letter is an endangered species. So I’m writing letters, but, more than just words these will be illustrated with a Ziggy Elf. Would you like to join in this challenge and help me get letters flying around the world? If so, email me your postal address to ziggy dot shortcrust at gmail dot com and I’ll send you an illustrated letter. If you want to reply to the letter that would be fantastic. You can see some of the letters that have already been sent and received here.

Illustrated letters comp

143 thoughts on “Illustrated Letters

  1. What a wonderful project!I love sending and receiving hand written letters, cards and postcards. It’s a shame that nowadays people don’t send them as often. There is really something magical about a hand written letter.
    Best of luck with your project! I might send you an e-mail with my address soon! 🙂

  2. I would love to be part of this….miss receiving ‘real’ post so much….sad I may have missed the chance to get a skinny dog though!! Hope you are still looking for people and will email soon.

  3. You know what? I’ve been obsessing lately over the fact that I used to write illustrated letters to certain beloveds all the time. I was a Rapidograph addict, you know. Now I have sophisticated fountain pens. I can’t find my colored inks, though: oh well. Want to send me a letter? I’ll send you my address, and maybe that will get me started writing ’em too, ’cause if I get one from you, then of course… know.

  4. I’d love a letter in my mailbox. I really only have one penpal but I write many letters to people who don’t write back. I’d love to receive a letter from you. 🙂 I promise I’ll write back, only I’m in no way artistically talented (at least not graphically) so my letter won’t be quite as pretty:)

  5. I’m sure everyone is saying you have a wonderful idea, Ziggy, because you do! – Even Christmas cards and birthday cards have been replaced by an email. Isn’t it telling that we will usually take the easy way out even with close friends and and use email to tell them how much we love them instead of a hand written card. Of course, I can always make the excuse to myself that neither they nor the postman will be able to read my writing. What lame excuses I can come up with.

    • It’s probably a ridiculous idea Paul, but I’m glad you like it. I’m thoroughly enjoying the process, but I’m worried I’m going to run out of ideas for elves to illustrate the letters with.

  6. I still have numerous letters that my brother sent me when I was little…they are wonderful and I miss the physical act of opening letters and reading (and re-reading) them! It’s hard to pull an old e-mail out of the files! Have fun with this project!

  7. This is such a wonderful idea! If you are looking for people then I would love to receive one. I have quite the stationary collection and I always keep every letter that comes in the mail!

  8. Hi Ziggy, I don’t have a blog but would love to be part of your challenge. I think the idea of reviving the written letter is wonderful. I am a collector of letters – I have some shoeboxes with letters from my best friend and other childhood friends kept from years ago, and once every few years I enjoy perusing them and having a bit of a chuckle or a nostalgic moment. I have some writing paper that has been sitting in a drawer for too long, and would love to dust it off and reply to your letter when (hopefully) it arrives! I will email you my contact details. I am also a collector of Brian Froud books and love elvish and fairy art. I have two boys 2 and almost 5 who I’m sure would be very excited to see an original picture of yours arrive in the letter box rather than the same old bills. I wish you well on your wonderful endeavour!

  9. I received my beautifully elf-illustrated letter, and it was truly thrilling to hold it in my hands, wondering if I remembered how to open a letter that one intends to keep forever and ever. Once safely open, I took a good long time to savor its contents. This is a project that may kick off a worldwide rennaissance of hand-written correspondence, Ziggy!

    • It is so lovely to get letters isn’t it. Why did we ever stop. I am delighted that the first few letters in reply have been trickleing back to me. It makes waiting for the post a special occasion.
      Glad you liked your letter elf Laura. It’s in good hands 😉

  10. Dear Ziggy, are you keeping a photo copy of each letter you send? I think one day you might be glad you did? I love what you are doing. I always felt a bit self conscious of my poor handwriting and guess what? Yesterday I got a book from the library on calligraphy and I plan to improve my handwriting and start writing letters to my elderly relatives while I am still lucky enough to have them to write to. You are inspiring!

    • That is a lovely idea, and I’m glad to hear you’re using the library. I have a colleague at work who trained as a signwriter and her hand writing is gorgeous. I even keep envelopes from Christmas cards because she makes my name look so beautiful.
      I have been keeping record of the letters…..when I remember. So there are a few elves that have escaped.

  11. Hi, I too came here from Winter Owl. I think this is a marvelous idea! I still write letters but these are getting fewer as social media takes a hold on everyone. If you have time for one more I would love one please. Thank you so much for reviving the art of letter writing, beats a bill and junk mail every time.! Cathy X

  12. Fish, Pigs and Coffee brought me here… I was hungry! I am in Spain, not the UK (it’s the weather), but I would love one of your letters Ziggy, if there’s room for an airmail sticker on the envelope. I think it’s a great project: with Skype and email and texts and all the rest of the electronic hoo-hah whizzing around the ether, the sad fact is that I have actually NEVER hand-written a letter to anyone. Technology doesn’t always improve the world, does it?

    • Never sent a letter! Well now’s your chance. I’d be delighted to send an illustrated letter your way. This will be the first letter elf to Spain which is really exciting. Oh, and the weather…I’m jealous. Email me your postal address to ziggy dot shortcrust at gmail dot com 🙂

  13. Thank you so much for the letter, Ziggyshortcrust! I received it today. I shared it with my students. I loved the little yellow dinosaur on the envelope! And the elf in the snow jacket on the letter – very fitting to Wisconsin, as it has been very cold here, too. Seven degrees walking the dog this morning! I really want spring. Watch your mail…thanks again for the gift of art!

  14. Hi Ziggy, I was just hoping you have received my letter and goodies in the mail. I sent to you on 30th January. Hope you have received!!!

  15. I got your letter Ziggy and I looove my letter Elf. I was inspired to write back to you and also some rels of mine.
    Sharon. 🙂

  16. This is a thoughtful project! I miss getting real mail so much, and I know people don’t have time anymore – but still – it really only takes a few minutes and its so rewarding. My mother used to send me handwritten letters which I have saved and it means so much having them now. I’ll send you one if you can find the time to send my one!

  17. I’d love to get one of your letters. I still try to ‘write’ thank you letters, it seems too easy to text or email and who heard of ‘love emails’ or is that the way these days? Anyway I will email you my postal address and see what happens. Love your illustrations by the way. Wish I could draw like that. Heard of you from nanacathydotcom.

  18. I love this idea – you certainly have set yourself a challenge- and if you have any time and any elves left to send- I would love to receive one-I’m a Cumbrian girl really- but living out in Borneo! I heard about you from nanacathydotcom, but will email my address, with fingers crossed.
    Amanda 😉

  19. Ziggy!!
    I just got your letter… And it is lovely!! Thank you thank you thank you. My letter elf is graceful, colorful and even daring in her fashion choices. We will be great friends 🙂
    I will be grabbing pen and paper to write you back 🙂

  20. Great idea, just read about it on Denthe post. I took part in a postcard swap and that was awesomet getting art from all round the world, so I will definitely be emailing you..

  21. OMG, what a brilliant idea, I just love your drawings, I think for me just an envelope with a drawing on would make my day, let alone get a letter as well 🙂 so if you get the time I’d love one 🙂 I’ll email over my address and I promise in return to send one back, however, there will be no pictures, as I can’t draw for love or money. I just love your blog 🙂 thanks for sharing 🙂 xx

  22. This is really great! I found a link to your blog on Sara’s blog (
    Wow, what a great challenge!
    If you’re not drowning in requests, I’d love to send you my address. And be sure do receive something in return.
    (I am constantly working on some mail art, so there’s always something from my desk that wants to see the world ;))
    Cheers, Jana

  23. Ziggy, I would dearly LOVE to receive one of your beautifully illustrated, handwritten letters. I have always loved letter-writing. I will email you my address shortly. Thank you for doing this wonderful challenge.

  24. Hi Ziggy, are you still sending letters? I have a couple of people who I would like to give out your site too but I thought I had better check first. Can you believe it? I am having big fun writing and sending things to people. Don’t you wish there was more time? Of course you do. 🙂 I must drop you another letter soon too.

  25. My sisterand I. still send the. occasional. letter, she writes thirteen to twenty one page long letters, the last one could

    not slip under the door and was neatly opened here in mexico, alas she does not send money for the passer by, my email is

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