29 Faces in May; S’elf Portrait

At last we have reached the final face in the 29 Faces in May challenge. I say “we” because you’ve been suffering alongside me. We’ve had trolls, cats, campervans, and all manner of elves. I’d like to raise a glass to Artshed who has also risen to the challenge and completed all his faces and Joyce at Joyful Art Stuff another fellow artist who I discovered through the challenge. Well done guys. And thank you so much to everyone who has liked or passed comment on these ridiculous faces over the past month.

So, what is my last face? S’elf portrait of the artist commonly known as Ziggy Shortcrust…….


So, this is me?

Fact or Fiction? You decide.

29 Faces in May ; Restoration Elf

I am enjoying a BBC4 series called Harlots, Housewives and Heroines, about women of the restoration period. It’s presented by Lucy Worsley, Chief Curator of Historic Royal Palaces. Lucy is quite a character herself and I really enjoy her wacky presentation style. You can find out about Ms Worsley and the series here

So I thought for my penultimate elf in the 29 Faces in May challenge I would present for your delectation a restoration elf. Although the series is about women I’ve gone for a male elf.


So, tomorrow sees the final face in the challenge. I wonder what it will be? Seriously, I have no idea! It can’t be any worse than Jedward…..or can it?

29 Faces in May; With a Rebel Elf they cried “More, More, More.”

Who the hell is this elf? He was born late last night, then called me through early this morning to breathe the last lines and stipples of life into him.

He’s definitely an Urban Elf, and something of a rebel. Possibly exiled royalty. Go on, sock it to me……what’s his back story?


29 Faces in May; The Simonside Duergar

This is a local elf who lives exclusively in the Simonside Hills near Rothbury in Northumberland.  I have friends who live in their shadow, so on weekend visits the skinny dogs and I scramble to the top to admire the incredible views.

Fortunately we have yet to meet a Simonside Duergar, possibly because we are not foolish enough to wander the hills after nightfall. They are malicious creatures who delight in leading unwary travelers from the path, sending them over the cliff’s edge and to certain death.

He wears a lambskin jacket and hat of moss that sports a pheasant feather. He’s a work in progress for an elf project I’m bumbling on with.

And he is todays 29 Faces in May.


29 Faces in May; Clown Elf

Well, after Jedward, there’s only one way to go…….a clown.



He is face number 25 in the challenge. And talking of challenges I am delighted to see that Christopher, creator of Off the Wall,  has created his own elf after my How To… post.  It’s brilliant. Check it out here.

And don’t forget, an original Ziggy Elf is up for adoption. You’ve got til the end of the 29 Faces in May challenge. Leave a comment here.

29 Faces in May; Eurovision Jedward Elves

My apologies to all who haven’t a clue as to what the Eurovision Song Contest is and indeed my apologies to all music lovers. I understand that you can view this outside of Europe, if so, my commiseration to you. The UK takes part but has not won for many, many years. Tonight septuagenarian Engleburt Humperdink, is giving it a go for Britain, but as I write, has only managed to gain 1 point. I was putting my money on the Russian Grannies who are actually second at the moment. In the lead is Sweden with a weird homage to Kate Bush. But it is to Ireland’s entry that I have turned my elfish gaze. How to describe Jedward? I can’t. Tonight they wore Bacofoil and danced in a fountain looking like this…


Image courtesy of Irish Sun


As elves they look like this…….


I realize my blog may have descended into an abyss of desperation by including Jedward, but there is a method in my madness. As they are twins, and I missed posting up a face last night, they are Faces 23 and 24 of the 29 faces in May challenge. Five more to go.

29 Faces in May; An Elf to Mend a Broken Heart

I received a most unusual text message yesterday evening. It was a request from a friend for an “emergency elf” for her daughter, who, she said, is a true believer in all things elf like. But there was more. Her daughter’s boyfriend had left her and she was all alone in her flat.

So here is an elf to mend a broken heart. She comes adorned with wild pansies which are also known as Heartsease; a flower believed to heal a wounded heart.



As well as being hopelessly romantic, she is also today’s 29 Faces in May.

29 Faces in May; How to Draw an Elf “Ziggy Style”

Believe it or not this is my One Hundredth Post, so I thought it should be a little bit special. And what better way to celebrate than with a “How To…”. And if that wasn’t enough there is also a “Give Away”, but you have to persevere to the end of the post to find out exactly what I’m giving away.

So to draw an elf “Ziggy Style” you first require, a sketch book, fine liner pens, and some elf artifacts.



The artefacts, in this case a pair of elf shoes, wood turned acorn and heart stone, aid elfassurance.

Now to the drawing….


Choose your fine liner then draw the outline of the face. No sketching, dive straight in. Don’t worry, those special artefacts will guide your elf sense.


Sometimes I don’t listen to my elf sense and make a mistake. The jaw line on the left was too wide so I re-drew it.


Of course, it wasn’t a mistake. My elf sense told me I had to draw a collar.


Now add the ears, nose and mouth. Remember an elf rarely smiles, and I have never seen one laugh. It’s not that they don’t have a sense of humour but consider it bad manners to reveal their teeth in public.


Eyes next. Listen to your elf sense. Are they sloping eyes or horizontal? Don’t forget to mark out the eyebrows.


Now it is time for the accessories and clothing. At this point it my be a good idea to handle your artefacts to aid elfassurance. Are they wearing a hat? Any jewellery? Are their ears pierced?


If your elf sense is telling you the creature has hair, put it in now.


Now you can start shading. Lots and lots of dots. You can probably zone out at this point.


Keep going, keep going. Ok, now you can pause for some real tea served up in a cup fashioned out of dragon scales.


Eyes hot and sore? Fingers cramped? Then it’s probably time to stop….


Ta da! You have completed your elf. And as it happens it is also todays 29 Faces in May.

So, to celebrate my ONE HUNDREDTH POST I promised a give away. And it is the above elf. Would you like to own an original Ziggy elf? Then leave a comment and a link back to your blog on this post telling me why you would like to adopt this elf.  The most original answer wins.