Quoth the Raven “Ziggy Draw!”

My goodness me, but here we are at letter 21 in my ridiculous challenge to revive the lost art of letter writing by penning one a day through 2013. Not just words, these are illustrated letters, each one containing a Ziggy Elf.

As always, I can’t show you the content as it will spoil the surprise for the receiver who today is Aalid. She is the creator of the delightfully entitled Mage and Raven, a lovely blog full of quirky creative musings. And where is this letter going? Well, it’s staying in the wintry North of England and heading to Bolton in Lancashire. And this one has wings…Raven’s wings of course.

illustrated letter 21In order to write 365 letters I need 365 people to write to. Would you like an illustrated letter with an original Ziggy Elf?  All the details are here.