29 Faces in September; Campervan faces

Blogging in a campervan isn’t easy. I had no access to WI-FI at Busfest or on the campsite at Stratford upon Avon Racecourse, so couldn’t post up any faces. Now I’m back at the fabulous Mason’s Campsite and modern communication technology is back.

I haven’t done any Five Minute Faces for a while so here are a fab four to keep me up to speed with the 29 Faces in September challenge…..and not an elf in sight.


And they are all people that I met on my campervan tootle to Busfest.

Fact or fiction?

You decide.


29 Faces in September #7 and #8; Inky Lovelies

These are faces 7 and 8 in the 29 Faces in September challenge.

Firstly a massive thank you for all the likes and comments for the previous 6. It’s proving to be a challenge in more ways than one given that I am camping in Sunny the Splitty while trying to blog.

We are about to set off to the Three Counties Showground in Malvern for Busfest; the biggest festival in Europe that is just VW campervans. It’s the first time for us and I’m assuming I won’t have WI-FI or much else come to that so here are two faces to keep me up to speed.

They were drawn in biro in a notebook that I found in Sunny yesterday. It had gone mouldy with condensation and I liked the effects.


29 Faces in September #3; Mr Knobbly Head

Number 3 in the challenge 29 faces in September.

If you know what to look for, you can tell a lot about a person by reading the bumps on their head. It’s called phrenology. If you squeeze an elf’s head it’s called “asking for trouble.” I wonder what the psychological attributes of this creature would be?


29 Faces in September

Ok, here we go again. Back in May I joined in with the challenge 29 Faces in May so I couldn’t resist the autumn version. The challenge is set by Ayala Art and you can find out all about it here.

(For everyone heading over from Blogger and Ayala’s site I did the linky thing wrong. All my 29 Faces in September are here)

So this is face number 1. A downy faced, Uni drop out by the looks of it. What do you think?

Five Minute Face; The Governess

“A governess is a girl or woman employed to teach and train children in a private household. In contrast to a nanny (formerly called a nurse) or a babysitter, she concentrates on teaching children, not on meeting their physical needs. Her charges are of school age, not babies.”

So says Wikipedia.

As this elf appeared on the page before me, that’s what she reminded of, a governess. What do you think?


Five Minute Face; Jessica Elf

I haven’t “elfed” anyone for ages. So I was delighted to find a request from Jessica  Niggel who is aBiomolecular sciences grad student with a passion for art.” She posts up beautiful portraits and other artwork, that she produces in her spare time, on her blog jniggelart. Pop over and say hello, you won’t be disappointed.

Jessica also makes a great elf because she keeps a straight face. I used an image from her about page as reference.


If you would like to be “elfed” or have an idea for a Five Minute Face leave a comment here and I’ll get doodling, post it up and link back to your blog.

Five Minute Face; Bloomin’ Bunting

It’s Jubilee Weekend here in old Blighty. Many are excited, not that they are patriotic, but that a four-day break from the daily grind is stretching ahead of them. However, some of us will be working with ne’er a street party in sight.

This little elf is dedicated to all those who will be working over the Jubilee Bank Holiday. Britain Needs You!