29 Faces in May; Sheriff Zee

Ok, I might have done a dangerous thing here. You see it was like this. I was sitting in front of my little sketch pad waiting for inspiration to strike. What could I do for todays 29 faces in May challenge? What could I doooooo? Then in the background, somewhere in the depths of the small house I heard Country and Western music. Five minutes later this little guy appeared.


Now I realise I may have offended all the lovely U.S bloggers who drop by. “She hears Country & Western music and thinks of a Wild West sheriff. And what’s with that badge? They don’t wear them on their hats. And why’s the second f sliding off, for F’s sake?

Ok, ok….it’s a five minute face, no sketching remember, no room for a body so the hat was the only place for a badge. And my lettering was too big.

So to redress the balance, tomorrow night I’ll draw a stereotypical English person. But what do you think is stereotypically English? I’ll illustrate the best suggestion.

Five Minute Face; Elf Portrait

This dapper elf is especially for writer and blogger MJ Monaghan. I tripped up over his blog a little while ago and realised I’d uncovered something pretty cool. I even discovered there were more than three verses to “On Top of Spaghetti”. He asked for an MJ elf, so, using his Gravatar as a rough guideline this is my first elf portrait. A belated birthday present Mr Monaghan.

If you would like your very own elf leave a comment here. I’ll get doodling and link it to your blog.

Five Minute Face # 25

This little purrfectly formed elf is especially for Lisa, a  talented writer and artist. Her delightfully named The Satsumabug Blog is buzzing with oodles of creative inspiration, hints and tips. If you haven’t already discovered Lisa, you’re in for a treat.

Lisa asked for her very own elf and as a starting point said simply “cat’s ears”  It was all I needed to get doodling.



If you would like your very own Elf leave a comment here and I’ll get sharpening those fine liners.