29 Faces in May; How to Draw an Elf “Ziggy Style”

Believe it or not this is my One Hundredth Post, so I thought it should be a little bit special. And what better way to celebrate than with a “How To…”. And if that wasn’t enough there is also a “Give Away”, but you have to persevere to the end of the post to find out exactly what I’m giving away.

So to draw an elf “Ziggy Style” you first require, a sketch book, fine liner pens, and some elf artifacts.



The artefacts, in this case a pair of elf shoes, wood turned acorn and heart stone, aid elfassurance.

Now to the drawing….


Choose your fine liner then draw the outline of the face. No sketching, dive straight in. Don’t worry, those special artefacts will guide your elf sense.


Sometimes I don’t listen to my elf sense and make a mistake. The jaw line on the left was too wide so I re-drew it.


Of course, it wasn’t a mistake. My elf sense told me I had to draw a collar.


Now add the ears, nose and mouth. Remember an elf rarely smiles, and I have never seen one laugh. It’s not that they don’t have a sense of humour but consider it bad manners to reveal their teeth in public.


Eyes next. Listen to your elf sense. Are they sloping eyes or horizontal? Don’t forget to mark out the eyebrows.


Now it is time for the accessories and clothing. At this point it my be a good idea to handle your artefacts to aid elfassurance. Are they wearing a hat? Any jewellery? Are their ears pierced?


If your elf sense is telling you the creature has hair, put it in now.


Now you can start shading. Lots and lots of dots. You can probably zone out at this point.


Keep going, keep going. Ok, now you can pause for some real tea served up in a cup fashioned out of dragon scales.


Eyes hot and sore? Fingers cramped? Then it’s probably time to stop….


Ta da! You have completed your elf. And as it happens it is also todays 29 Faces in May.

So, to celebrate my ONE HUNDREDTH POST I promised a give away. And it is the above elf. Would you like to own an original Ziggy elf? Then leave a comment and a link back to your blog on this post telling me why you would like to adopt this elf.  The most original answer wins.