29 Faces in May; Eurovision Jedward Elves

My apologies to all who haven’t a clue as to what the Eurovision Song Contest is and indeed my apologies to all music lovers. I understand that you can view this outside of Europe, if so, my commiseration to you. The UK takes part but has not won for many, many years. Tonight septuagenarian Engleburt Humperdink, is giving it a go for Britain, but as I write, has only managed to gain 1 point. I was putting my money on the Russian Grannies who are actually second at the moment. In the lead is Sweden with a weird homage to Kate Bush. But it is to Ireland’s entry that I have turned my elfish gaze. How to describe Jedward? I can’t. Tonight they wore Bacofoil and danced in a fountain looking like this…


Image courtesy of Irish Sun


As elves they look like this…….


I realize my blog may have descended into an abyss of desperation by including Jedward, but there is a method in my madness. As they are twins, and I missed posting up a face last night, they are Faces 23 and 24 of the 29 faces in May challenge. Five more to go.