A Mini Saga; Toys R Stuffed

Earlier on in the 29 Faces in September challenge I introduced Derwent, my Guardian of the Desk. When I was a child I had a Guardian of the Bed, and that was Donkey. He was lovingly knitted by my Grandma using scraps of wool and stuffed with nylon hosiery. Apparently it was very important that he accompanied me to bed, and I could be heard chatting to him before I drifted off to sleep. With Donkey cradled in my arms I was assured of a good nights sleep.

I still have him to this day, although he no longer shares my bed.

Protecting children from night-time terrors is a very important task, but what if it goes wrong?

A Mini Saga; Toys R Stuffed

Three toys dedicate themselves to keeping the imagined night terrors of a four-year old child at bay. One night the three guardians doze off. The Monster in the Wardrobe, no longer under observation, springs from its lair and devours the child. The toys suffer guilt for eternity.


Donkey; My hero