Celebrity Elves in July; Elvis Presley

What can I say? It’s the King of Elves. I didn’t appreciate just what a beautiful young man Elvis was until I came to scrutinise the many images that appear on the internet. As he gazes out under dark lashes with an ever so slight sneer from full lips he manages to combine boyish charm and sexual competence. No wonder mothers wanted to protect their innocent young daughters from him.

I would like to thank Hansi, my most favourite American male, for the suggestion to elf up The King of Rock n’ Roll. Hansi is a ranting mad man…… who draws. Pop over and say hello at Hansi’s Hallucinations. You’ll have lots of fun.



There are a lot of Celebrity Elves yet to get through. Suggestions are welcome so please leave a comment. If I elf up your celebrity choice I’ll link back to your blog.