Campervan Tootle; The Scarborough Stitchers

I recently took a campervan tootle to North Yorkshire, primarily to spend the weekend with my Mum. But it also gave me the chance to have a look at an exhibition of embroidered work, The Scarborough Stitchers, of which my Mum is a member.

This was the first journey I have embarked upon with Sunny the Campervan where speed became an issue. As you know, campervan tootling is all about taking it easy; life via the B roads. But not when the speedometer cable has snapped. It wasn’t that I was afraid of breaking the speed limit, Sunny is happiest trundling along at 50mph, but if I went over 55mph I ran the risk of blowing up the engine! It was like a low-budget version of “Speed”. However, being the top-notch tootler that I am I arrived safely at St Hilda’s church, Ravenscar, engine intact.

The Scarborough Stitchers are a group of ladies who….. stitch! They create beautiful pieces in a diverse array of embroidery techniques, from stump work to gold work and everything  in between.

St Hilda’s Church

View from St Hilda’s toward Robin Hoods Bay


Considering how far off the beaten track the exhibition was the little church was full to brimming with curious visitors examining each and every piece. The  work wasn’t for sale, because if it was I would have had one of those little bags, it was a showcase of extraordinary talent from a group of extremely friendly Yorkshire ladies. Who, incidentally, bake the most delicious banana cake and brew the best pot of tea.