Celebrity Elves in July; The Magnificent Seven

Well, I am way behind in this challenge. 7 days in fact. So whadda you get? The Magnificent Seven…Elfed! Yes I know some of these are a little dubious and Tall Man has been very critical. Yul Brynner makes for a gorgeous elf and it was a pleasure to scrutinise the many images of him on the internet. The others, although very handsome men, were pants to elf up! Poor old Brad Dexter hardly gets a look in, but then he’s always the one you forget when asked to name the Magnificent Seven. Now that I know them so intimately I pray that question comes up in a pub quiz. Can you name them all without turning to Google?

My favourite character though is the manic Calvera played by Eli Wallach.  Whether he would make a good elf is debatable, but what are the Magnificent Seven without him?