Harajuku Inspiration

When it comes to ideas for something to draw, or indeed for something to Blog about, I get my inspiration from all sorts of places; a walk across The Moor, a snippet of overheard conversation, the glories of the Internet, the darkest recesses of my imagination. But I still find there is nothing better than a good book to spark my imagination. I’ve got a lot of non-fiction books stuffed full of images from art to architecture, fashion to ornamentation. And a prime example is this one.

Fresh Fruits 2

 Fresh Fruits is a collection of photographs taken by Shoichi Aoki from the main street in the Harajuku area of Tokyo. Every Sunday from the late 70’s until 1998 this street was declared a pedestrian haven and all traffic was stopped for the day so the teens of Tokyo could strut their stuff. Now referred to as Harajuku Street Style their outfits are incredibly inventive and so much fun. Tokyo has thrown up a vast array of fashion styles and trends that are constantly changing and I love drawing them.

Rather than slavishly copy an image I take aspects of lots of different photos and, like a photo-fit image, merge them together.

This pose….

Harajuku pose



Plus this skirt and fabulous pair of boots…

Harajuku skirt and boots


Plus this hairstyle…..

Harajuku hairEquals this drawing..

Harajuku Girl 2014

harajuku girl face


Where do you find your inspiration? Do you plunder the internet or pore over books? Or do you simply turn to your imagination?







10 thoughts on “Harajuku Inspiration

  1. Just gorgeous. Love the effect. I get inspiration from nature, museums, things that take my fancy and postcards. I am a big big fan of postcards. Does she need elfin a bit?

    • Of course, you have your wonderful postcard collection. And yes, museums are a great source of inspiration. I used to love going to Whitby Museum at Pannett Park and the Rotunda in Scarborough. I expect they’ve changed a bit now.

  2. LOVE your Harajuku inspired gorgeous drawing. Can you believe i have been back only a week since visiting there? At first I thought my answer to your question was “my imagination” but on second thought I guess i am actually being inspired all the time by what I am encountering. I REALLY love your drawing. 😀
    ps. One thing I didn’t know about Harajuku is that the huge park on Sunday is the place to walk the doggies. Hundreds of very loved dogs, some with their own stroller in case they get tired. 😀

  3. Wonderful work, all these girls have a certain elf-like look. As for me, all my inspiration comes from the darker recesses of my imagination – pretty scary stuff 🙂

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