29 Faces in May; Tattooed Lady

All of the faces in the 29 Faces in May challenge have been created the day they were posted especially for the challenge. Todays face was not. There was nothing in the rules that suggested they should be, it was my own personal goal I suppose. To keep me on my toes and draw something every day. Well, reality bites. After a hard days work, a run around the moor with the skinny dogs, a hearty meal and several glasses of wine and I’m left staring blankly at a sketch book page. So I thought I would take the lazy option and post up something I created some time ago. She is part of the “tatoo” series, of which you have already seen the skinny dogs. I’ve had lots of comments about her as she appears as my Gravatar here on WordPress and my avatar on Twitter.

So, take one ceramic mask brought back by my Mother from Rome…….

Add a promotional image from cosmetic company Illamasqua……..

And you mix them up and get face number 15……..

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