Elves, Penguins and Howler Monkeys

I am attempting to revive the lost art of letter writing and have set myself the ridiculous challenge of a letter a day through 2013. I am absolutely loving it and the response has been fantastic. My little letter elves are flying all over the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has requested a letter. You WILL get one.

I thought you might like to know to whom and where the latest batch have gone to. I can’t show the contents, it would spoil the surprise for the receiver, so I have illustrated the envelope.

Letter 29 is going to Claire Litherland who is creator of Little Red Monkey and Co a fabulous place full of crafty ideas. Her letter elf is staying in the UK and setting off for Sheffield. Obvious I know, but Claire gets a monkey, of the howling variety.

Illustrated letter 29

Number 30 is for Jennie Sisler and is going to Sunderland. No not Wearside UK, but Massachusetts, USA. And Jennie is a seasoned letter writer. Her most recent blog post is all about saving the town’s Post Office. Something we are all too familiar with here in the UK. Check out Jennie’s blog; Jen’s Rambling Thoughts. Why has she got a penguin? Because it is one of the unusual things to be found in her handbag (purse).

Illustrated letter 30

Number 31 is very special. Almost 10 years ago my very best friend lost her battle with a brain tumour and left a huge hole in my life. We’d been friends since we were 6 years old and I never once imagined that we wouldn’t make it into old age together. Although she didn’t have children herself she was Godmother to many, and spoilt them rotten. I also have the privilege to be a Godmother, but to just one person, Lucy. After my friend died I decided to commemorate her birthday, the 2nd February, as Goddaughters Day. And every 2nd February I send Lucy a handwritten letter. This is hers for 2013.

Illustrated letter 31

On to number 32, and this is for Deb Court, my writing buddy. If any of you are wading through the treacle of novel writing you’ll know how good it is to have someone to bounce ideas around with and be a shoulder to cry on. Deb has a very damp shoulder. She is also on the search for dragons.

Illustrated letter 32

And finally in this batch, letter 33 is going across the channel to The Netherlands and to artist Saskia. Now, I actually find thinking of something to draw on the envelope harder than coming up with ideas for letter elves. And as I sat in my studio hoping for inspiration I stared out of the window and gazed at the bare branches of my beautiful silver birch. Hey presto, a tree elf. This wasn’t initially going to be for Saskia, but when I went to check out her deviantART site, Finnguala, what did I find but an awesome drawing of a girl growing branches from her head. Spooky eh?

Illustrated letter 33

Of course sending a letter every day for a year means there have to be 365 of them. So I still need people to send to. If you want to join in with my challenge and would like to receive an original Ziggy Elf take a look here.

32 thoughts on “Elves, Penguins and Howler Monkeys

  1. I love all your drawings but the dragon in particular. Wow isn’t life serendipitous sometimes? Like a little sign we are on a special and “right”path.

  2. I was about to leave you a message to see how you were doing. Seems you were busy writing letters 🙂 Thanks for sharing the story ofyour best friend. Love the idea of Goddaughters Day. Such a meaningful thing to do.
    Lovely drawings as usual. My favourite is the monkey – that’s my face each time I check out your blog. No howling though, mind 😛

  3. I just received my beautiful illustrated letter from you! The mad scientist elf is just awesome!!! I’m really happy! Thanks a bunch! 🙂
    I’m sending you a little something too- hope it gets to you soon!

    Btw. these are great Ziggy! I especially like the monkey 🙂

  4. Good afternoon Ziggy!
    It is already late at night here. I am used to check your blog and other funny blogs and then go to sleep. It is really happy to see your creative illustrated letter. Still, I am expecting for your letter. I really want to receive your letter soon!

  5. I got my letter today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE the penguin and the elf is just absolutely devine. I most certainly will be writing you back, only I’m not artistic in any way….maybe I’ll pen a poem about my elf or something to send along. Anyway, I’m going to pass on your website info to the FPGeeks website – we’re in the middle of InCoWriMo (international correspondence writing month) and I know there are some geeks who would adore their own elf and lovely letter. Thanks again – you made a crappy day turn wonderful at the end.

    • Oh Jennie, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had a bad day. Glad the letter came at the right time. And a correspondence writing month sounds great. Hope some people pop along here. I’ll be glad to send letters.

  6. Aww man, I’ve been totally out of the loop, but I can’t believe you’re doing this–that’s so amazing and cool ❤ You remain one of my favorite people on the internet… =)

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