Back in the Saddle

Spring is finally here so I’ve dusted down my bike and I’m commuting to work under pedal power. For my birthday Tall Man bought me a Brooks saddle and after two weeks I think I’ve broken it in.

Ziggy's Brooks Saddle

Ziggy’s Brooks Saddle

The route to work is lovely as it takes in crossing Newcastle’s Town Moor. A haven of peace to the north of the city. It’s about 350 acres which is bigger than Hyde Park and Hampstead Heath combined. If you’re talking football fields that’s around 299 of them. Of course if you add all the other moors; Nuns Moor, Dukes Moor, Little Moor, Hunters Moor and Castle Leazes Moor then you’re probably looking at, what, 600 football fields?


You don’t see a lot of people on The Moor. They hurry along the tarmac paths that criss- cross it’s belly like a hot cross bun; on their bikes, with their dogs or just jogging. Kids don’t play on The Moor or picnic on it. Nobody lingers. Maybe it’s because it’s so exposed and desolate and wind-blown.


But that’s what I love about The Moor, its wide open space, huge skies, and emptiness. I love listening to the skylarks singing their hearts out high above my head and even the beady eyed crows that swoop down and shout abuse at me and Mischa.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m not a speed freak kind of cyclist. On the contrary I take things steadily and with what I hope is a modicum of style. You won’t catch me in skin tight Lycra going for the burn. Everybody overtakes me, even children on tricycles, but I don’t care. I like to arrive at work energised sans sweat. Unfortunately the wind plays havoc with my eyes and I roll in looking like this…… worn waterproof mascara

Should’ve worn waterproof mascara

Do you ride a bike? If so how do you stay stylish?

And talking of being back in the saddle, it’s good to be back blogging. Hope you’re all doin’ fine.

22 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle

  1. YAY !!! Ziggy is back… Whooppee !! I have a trike.. no really I do .. I think I wrote about it ages ago on 1500 Saturdays and you are right. It’s time to get it out of the garage and start riding again.. As for stylish.. I don’t think so!. I look faintly ridiculous and as though I have dropped out of the Darling Buds of May without the soft focus and glamour 😉 But I don’t care a jot !

    • I do remember you writing about your tricycle. I think they are great and you can carry lots more shopping on them. I love the thought of you looking like an extra from Darling Buds of May. And I bet you do look glam.

  2. Good to hear from you!

    As for stylish – I realized years ago that there was no sense in arguing with my hair. It gets trimmed from time to time (unless I’m in one of my occasional fits of seeing how long it can grow), it gets washed, it gets brushed. And it looks the way it’s willing to look. (If I had it permed regularly and blow-dried it every day and applied a curling iron, it would look exactly the way it does anyhow. I’ve tried.)

  3. Glad to see ya back in the saddle, both literally and figuratively. I ride my bike on a daily basis. One doesn’t really ‘break-in’ bicycle saddles, they break you in.

  4. My husband is a big cyclist! He likes to go for really long rides, the century kind! (100 miles-yikes!) Glad you get to cycle to work and back…yes, definitely get the waterproof mascara! I love the “selfie” of you with your cycle helmet on! Allons-y! As the French would say (in the Tour de France:)

  5. Yes, sometimes I ride a bike. But when I do it there is no good news. Usually I run (I run a lot) and I ride when I am injured. And when I ride, children also overtake me!

    Welcome back!

    PS. It seems WordPress Reader decided to unfollow your blog… Fortunately I detected it…

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