A Clan of Dragons

In yesterday’s post I revealed my favourite animal was a dragon. I illustrated this with a pirate dragon and thought you might like to meet the rest of his family.

I call them a “clan” of dragons because I know them to be related. But does anyone know what the collective noun for dragons is? Or better still, what name would you create as a collective noun?

There is one more member of the family to meet. A female dragon in fact. If you can guess what era she hails from I’ll dedicate her to you and link back to your blog.

24 thoughts on “A Clan of Dragons

    • Thank you. You mentioned the Rotring pens and patience required to create your Gravatar? Well, these took a long time too…I haven’t mastered the art of digital technology so every dot is hand drawn.

      • yeah – they look like they took a while. I’ve got art apps on the iPad but I’m not that keen – I just love art materials. I wouldn’t mind having a go with a drawing tablet for a pc though.

  1. I don’t know what the official term is, but how about a conflagration of dragons?

    As for the era of your female – that’s tough. Looking at the males, #1 looks like a classically piratical seventeenth century swashbuckler, #2 I can’t place, #3 looks like a Viking, and #4 is definitely a nineteenth century robber baron. I’m not sure whether the female should be a futuristic spacefaring dragon, or an ancient Chinese dragon empress. Guess I’ll have to wait and be surprised!

  2. I’d call a clan of dragons a Cliv (join our Cliv!), Fratello (yup, an earthly word) or just the plain old Other (we are Others, we are connected to each other within this closed society). I use the term Other for married dragons in my stories and book instead of human terms like “marriage.” Plus, OTHER sounds so universal, especially for a family/clan of dragons. And I believe a female dragon is called a Dragoness (I’m just sayin’). I hope this helps. Feel free to link to my blog, Dragon Short Stories.

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