Ziggy’s Home for Wayward Dogs

Back in January I had the ludicrous idea to revive the lost art of the hand written letter and set myself the challenge to start sending letters. But not just the written word, each letter would contain an original hand drawn Ziggy Elf. Over sixty elves have departed the North of England to find homes right around the world. I wanted to post up what I was doing but realised I couldn’t reveal the contents of the letter or it would spoil the surprise for the recipient. So each envelope is also illustrated.

For those of you that drop by this blog from time to time you’ll know I have a fondness for dogs. This latest batch of illustrated letters have gone all canine.

First up is a letter for Karen McRae which I know has already made it to Canada. Karen is a photographer and you can find her fabulous images at Draw and Shoot

English bulldog

The next one is for Rene in North Carolina. He is also a photographer but with a completely different, and rather cool dude style. Check out his images at Chasing Meaning Now Rene’s envelope has these guys; a Skinny Dog and a Scruffy Mutt.

Skinny and jack 1

I liked them so much they have turned up on Cathy’s letter, which headed off to my home county of North Yorkshire. You can find out more about the very crafty Cathy at Nana Cathy and see what was inside her letter here.

Skinny dog and Jack Russel 2

I loved these characters so much that Laurie in Jordan, Margaret in Wisconsin, Melanie in California and Pamela in Texas are getting the chance to adopt them. I guess it’s like a little story.

Skinny Dog and scruffy mutt with ball

Skinny dog & scruffy mutt 2

skinny dog & scruffy Mutt sitting down

Scruffy mutt

And just to balance things out, here is my “thank you for my birthday pressie” letter to my brother.


If you want to join in with my letter writing challenge and would like your very own Letter Elf have a look here.


38 thoughts on “Ziggy’s Home for Wayward Dogs

  1. As a fellow dog lover I have to say ” how adorable!” I like the pussy cat too. My son has ordered a large amigurumi Cheshire cat for his 13th birthday so that should prove interesting! You are reviving letter writing. We are having fun with it here. Instead of or as well as, we are writing a small illustrated letter to our distant rels.

  2. Love them! Especially the last one.The kitty is great! Have you ever received my letter? Sent it quite a while ago…hope it got to you safely.. 🙂

      • So glad you got it! And I’m happy you like it! Since I’ve never seen an elf in person, I tried my hardest to make my elf to your specifications- pointy ears, straight face, small nose… Hope it came out alright! 😉

  3. As someone who draws/paints/sketches a large number of dogs, I share your love of these canine critters and absolutely love these gorgeous characters you’ve illustrated all those envelopes with! How wonderful to receive such beautiful art in the post and I imagine it must be a treat for the post man/woman too!

  4. Hi, Ziggy, what a coincidence, recently I took part in the 2013 Shanghai Dog Show as an exhibitor. I saw various dogs at the show including the dog on the first letter, pretty cute. Nice drawing!
    What make me a bit annoying is the fact that I hadn’t get that letter. I will make my friend give it the last try.
    Nice day!

  5. Awwww Ziggy! I thought I’d commented already 😥
    What a beautiful story (when are you writing that children’s book??) The friendship between the dogs shines through in such a captivating way. I love it!
    And that cat, well s/he got me with those mournful eyes. Adorable Ziggy, simply adorable. You genius xx

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